China supplier of distinctive drilling mud gun

China supplier of distinctive drilling mud gun

A mud gun is a device used to agitate drilling mud on a drilling rig. Mud gun is connected to a pump to circulate the drilling mud and prevent the solids from settling in the mud tank. The oilfield drilling mud gun in the drilling fluids system is also used to transfer drilling fluids from compartment to compartment, like for trip tank compartment.

Mud gun in drilling fluids processing system is always located at the corner of the tank to keep solids from settling. The impetus of mud gun can comes from eigher high pressure mud pump and Jet Mud Mixer. Mud guns always applied together with Mud agitator that installed at the centre of mud tank. In drilling mud processing system, mud gun often used in trip tank, mud mixing tank and mud storage tank.

Mud gun with high wear resistant rubber lowers repair cost by:

1. Increasing nozzle life 10-20 times over mild steel.
2. Increase mud mixing pump life by preventing large increases in mixing gun volume which often causes cavitation.
3. The design of this nozzle makes it more efficient than the sharp shoulder in a 3 to 1 reducers. This features increase blending and agitation.

DCNJQseries drilling fluid mud gun is my company independent design and production, make the solid control system perfect combination. DC Solid control mud guns are widely used in many oil& gas drilling fields.