Common methods of waste drilling mud process

The followings are the main common methods of waste drilling mud process in oil and gas field:

More and more line worker and scholar expand the research field that based on the existing technology, put forward a variety of new methods of waste mud treatment to improve project benefit.

1. Application of fly ash Waste mud fly ash is a kind of potential building material, subgrade filling and widely used in foundation engineering. Two functions of waste mud fly ash in drilling waste mud curing. a. Activity effect: can to be as the bonding component of concrete, secondary reaction with calcium hydroxide form into similar to cement CHSgel product. b. Morphology effect: refering to domino offect of mud fly ash particles morphology in consolidation soil or concrete.

2. Microbial treatment method Disintegrating the contaminant use of microbial treatment way. Spraying quantitative waste mud in a certain area, then ploughing up land and add saw wood ash, increase soil permeability and fertilizer efficiency to disintegrat the contaminant.

3. Waste mud as compound fertilizer material additives Mr Xie from UESTC confirmed that waste drilling fluid as additive compound fertilizer is possiblity. The main technology of compound fertilizer ( compressive strength, moisture content, effect of nutrient, moisture absorption, PH, particles size, granulation rate and ect.) are all meet the requirements of the national fertilizer.