Commonly used method of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Domestic horizontal directional drilling mud solid control of the commonly used method
Horizontal directional drilling domestic and world development time is not long, in the drilling hole and mud have their own perfect system, at present in the very great degree is oilfield technology system improved absorption application.

In the domestic horizontal directional drilling mud solid phase separation method and oil field some similar, basically have dilution, precipitation and mechanical clear three methods.


dilution: through the return mud recovery to the mud tank, then add water, sodium soil and additive allocate to through the mud performance and achieve the purpose of reduce mud solid content.
Advantage: the method is simple, the cost is low
Weakness: solids removal is not complete.


precipitation: directional drilling in and out point each dig a pit or more, make the return mud import in the pool ,after a certain time natural sedimentation, extraction upper liquid into the mud, and cast to the bottom of the solid phase.
Advantages: the operation is simple, low cost, less energy consumption
Weakness: site occupancy, settlement separation speed is slow, and the bottom of the solid phase is difficult to remove.


mechanical clear: is the solid control system separation solid phase method.
The solid control system, it is to point to shale shaker, desander, desilter, small desilter and desanderr, mud cleaner, decanting centrifuge and mud tank, etc., according to solid phase control requirements, composed of a set of system. In most cases to mechanical clear the most effective and the most economic.

The solid control system of the horizontal directional drilling mud recovery is the most commonly used methods. But in large crossing construction, often in imperceptible also use in front of the two methods.