Component of drilling fluid

Drilling fluid is a mixture of liquid,solid and chemical treatment,which used in the process of drilling fluid circulation.Solid phase drilling mainly refers to the distribution of clay,increase material,cuttings and some other solid material.The solid substances in the drilling fluid on its origin,with clay,cutting,aggravating material and treatment agent in the solid material etc.

According to their mode of action in water and its water ions,low density solid,which can be future divided into active solid and inert solid.

Activity phase:it is refers to solid easy hydration,or other solid and liquid phase of the reaction.This kind of solid phease with high surface activity and high specific area,the electrochemical properties of active,clay and polymer,clay particles in the mud and caly,the bond between the ions.

Inert solid: refers to the change of the surrounding environment, no charge, no response surface does not occur in the electrochemical reaction of solid phase. Consisting of a mixture of sand, limestone, chert, dolomite, shale and some many minerals. They gathered together, compressed activated solid phase, the viscosity caused by coalescence, drilling fluid properties change. This kind of solid phase is of no use in drilling fluid, so also known as useless solid. The particle size is larger than the useless solid 15 m, an abrasive on recycling equipment, so it is also called harmful solid.