Cylindrical tank of drilling fluid solid control system

Different with the domestic drilling fluid solid control sytem, the rectangular tank is the main solid control system in China at present. But there is another drilling fluid tank - cylindrical tank. Now let me introduce the cylindrical tank for you.

Cylindrical tank of drilling fluid solid control system

Configuration of cylindrical tank 

Cylindrical tank solid control system is consist of many circulating tank and a skid aggravate tank, meanwhile matched with shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge, the four class purification equipment. Also equipped the elevated pipeline, drilling pump pipe, aggravate shearing pump and discharge pipe, pure water pipe, tank bottom pipe and all kinds of pipeline. The system aslo matched the drilling fluid supply cooling system, solid control feeding system, barite ash storage, ladder and other safety protection device.

Technology characteristics of the cylindrical tank

1. Cylindrical tank structure to guarantee mud agitator uniformity agitates and no grit.

2. Because of the tank cylindrical structure and tank bottom ellipsoidal head design which can realize the 100% emissions.

3. It also can realize 100% inhalation. Pump inlet is located in the tank of bottom which can sufficient indraft and discharge drilling fluid.

4. Cylindrical system is convenient to install and disassemble, the system have no walkway between and ambitus the tank, the handrail is the splice guardrail, flow layout is reasonable and simpleness.