Dachuan mud agitator has the advantages of convenient maintenance

Mud mixer, also known as the drilling fluid mixer, the mixing of the drilling fluid, to prevent the drilling fluid solid particles in the tank type circulation system, so that the performance of the circulating drilling fluid, mixed evenly. The production of slurry mixer has the advantages of high efficiency, wide use range, compact structure, stirring intensity, has the advantages of convenient maintenance.

Dachuan mud agitator has the advantages of convenient maintenance

The mud mixer has a compact structure and small floor space, which has the advantages of high transmission torque, stable running, reliable operation and so on.

1, the circular cylindrical worm reducer, worm shaft section is circular, wormgears phase with circular worm choke. The convex concave mesh with reliable performance, high efficiency, compact structure.

2, with the reduction device and explosion-proof motor combination, easy to maintain, suitable for the use of harsh conditions in the field.

3, the stirring intensity is big, the sweep range is wide, and the starting resistance moment is reduced.

4, the level of the motor, the installation, adjustment, easy replacement.

5, all kinds of gear box and blade combination can adapt to most of the requirements;

6, in a large container of mud mixer efficiency is high;

7, according to the need to design a suitable shear force;

8, exposed more fluid and air contact, mud mixer to help cool the drilling fluid.