Dachuan new type desilter for sale

On the base of domestic and foreign design, analysis, calculation, data of use and other materials and research results that related to desilter, DC Machinery conducted a survey aimed at the current situation of application of desilter in foreign countries and had drawn lessons from its technical advantages.

In combination with some problems existing in the current mud desilter at home, DC had found the characteristics and the development direction of the domestic and foreign mud desilter and had put forward optimized design scheme by integrating the technical status of the domestic desilter and the practical situation of the drilling fluid solid phase control site. Scheme for new type of desilter device has been designed which has promoted the development of the research and manufacturing technology of the mud desilter.

1. According to the working mechanism and use condition of desilter, the overall structure and main structure design scheme of desilter are put forward by DC.

2. Through extensive on-site investigation and technical demonstration, combined with parts of the present situation of oil field in our country and started off from the facts, the design scheme and technical parameters of the desilter are presented, which is feasible and advanced.

Dachuan new type desilter for sale

3. Adopting the design method computer aided technique, based on the existing research results of solid control equipments, the symmetrical structure of feeding makes the flow of the cyclone is reasonable and stable.

4. The structure design of the main parts of the cyclone are accomplished by DC on the basis of structural scheme design and fluid mechanics analysis and intensity check, , and drawings of the detailed assembly and necessary parts are drawn.

5. The desilter produced by DC Machinery has the selection of the cyclone with polyurethane materials, long service life and light weight. The ball valves are equipmented at the inlet and outlet of each cyclone which can adjust the working numbers of cyclone at any time. The operation is simple and it is convenient  to maintain. The underflow mouth of cyclone presents an umbrella with pressure and wet bottom when discharging sand which can make the particles in the separation zone discharged quickly and reduce the probability of the underflow blocking.