DC linear motion shale shaker & dual-motion shale shaker

Da Chuan solid control provides oilfield drilling shale shaker with various models. We have several series linear motion shale shakers for sale, its includes DCS585-4, DCS630-3 Linear Motion Shale Shaker , DCS753 new type dual-motion shale shaker . DC shale shaker can be used in O&G drilling, metallurgy, construction, chemical, food, beverage, etc. Industry.

Shale shaker is one of the most important equipment for the whole drilling fluid system. It is a device that removes drill cuttings from fluids processing system while circulating and drilling.

Da Chuan shale shaker is the 1st phase solids control equipment .It is mainly use separate large particle In drilling fluid.Nowadays, DC series DCS630-3 liner motion shale shaker is popular. For its large treating capacity and reliable performance.

A shale shaker generally consists of a bedplate, screen box, vibration generator, back room, splash proof system, dropping adjustment construction and anti-explosion electronic control system

1. To guarantee the durable structure of shale shaker, the material is the GB steel from Beijing Shougang Company Limited .

2. The vibration motor is from the Italia OLI brand.

3. The whole screen box has been heat treated, and there is anticorrosive coating on the surface

4. The area of shaker screen and handling capacity are large, the treatment effect is excellent.

5. Use the full adhesive edge hooked rigid shaker screen and plate closed fixture, it is convenient and easy to replace the screens and can be changed into many kinds of screens.

6. Design the height of storage tank on the shale shaker reasonably

7. Using thermal relay overloading and open phase protection of electric control cabinet .

The working principle of shale shaker

Drilling fluid shale shaker power transmission line is composed of motor output power to the eccentric block vibration shaft vibrator (say), the quality of eccentric rotary centrifugal inertial force and generate cyclical change, forcing the support on the damping spring constant vibration sieve box, also forced drilling fluid on the surface of the screen vibrating, smaller than the mesh hole back to drilling fluid solid phase particles and liquid phase, not through the screen mesh back to the discharge end of solid phased particles, so as to achieve the goal of solid-liquid separation.

Main industries including oil and gas drilling fluid solid control , HDD mud recycling, Slurry separation , waste management system , etc.