DC mud cleaning equipment in the use of HDD

Trenchless technology is through the oriented, directional drilling technology, the very small part of the surface of the construction situation (generally refers to the inlet and outlet small area excavation), laying, replacement and repair all kinds of underground pipeline construction new technology for small surface interference, therefore it has a high social and economic effect. Mainly include horizontal directional drilling, pipe jacking, miniature tunnel, detonation tube, impact and other technical method. The technology in the 1970 s, and in the 90 s was introduced into China, at present is widely used in water supply, water drainage, power, communications, gas and other areas of new pipeline construction and restoration of old pipeline, also can be applied to the protection of cultural relics, ancient buildings likely.

Horizontal directional crossing (HDD) technology in oil and gas pipeline crossing rivers, lakes, the traffic trunk line, railway hubs obstacles and important area has the obvious superiority. Horizontal directional through final enlarge hole diameter is commonly the pipe diameter of 1.3 ~ 1.5 times.

1. horizontal directional drilling solids control principle and commonly used method

Horizontal directional drilling

Horizontal directional drilling the mud solid phase control (usually referred to as solid control) technology is the mud particles to control principle and technical methods. Through the solid control technology to remove the harmful mud solid, keep useful solid phase, meet through process on mud performance requirements. Horizontal directional drilling mud the harmful solid phase mainly refers to the equipment wear, impact mud rheological properties of cuttings.

DC mud cleaning equipment in the use of horizontal directional drilling

2. At present domestic use of horizontal directional drilling mud solids control recovery system is composed of small and large, it is prepared according to the needs of user. .the choice of system mainly according to the following principles:

(1), need to clear or inhibit particle type and size;

(2), through the need to maintain the quality of the mud,

(3) the size of the ability, drill, solids removal rate and cycle rate.

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