DC series vacuum degasser for a special equipment

DC series vacuum degasser device is a new type of special equipment for treating gas drilling fluid,which can quickly remove all kinds of gas and also can be used to recover the mud. At the same time it can be used as a large power of the mixer, it is suitable for all kinds of mud circulation system matching. This equipment is a negative pressure type air cleaner, the scientific and reasonable design structure, which can realize the effective separation of gas and liquid, filter out impurities, ensure that the exhaust pipe is always smooth.

The details of vacuum degasser parameters as followings: Working principle: in addition to vacuum degasser device, namely the use of the pumping action of the vacuum pump which belongs to gas, in the vacuum tank caused by negative pressure zone mud under high pressure,through the suction tube into the rotor of the hollow shaft in the hollow shaft around the window goes to the spray thrown against the wall of the tank, by collision and foam separator, invasion of mud in the bubble breakup,escaping gas, through the suction of the vacuum pump was ranked into the safety zone. Mud is due to the self weight into the row of the cavity, the rotor out of the tank. In addition, because the rotor vacuum pump and main motor start at the same time is connected with a motor into a high-speed rotating shape. Therefore, the mud can only from the suction pipe into the tank, not from the suction pipe is inhaled.

Main features:

1. The application of steam water separator, the water ring vacuum pump working medium in the use of recycling, wich can reduce the use of cost.

2. Main motor bias, the overall weight of the whole machine.

3. The use of vacuum pump suction is the mud into the vacuum tank, and use it to make the gas out of the vacuum tank, so there are two kinds of vacuum pump.

4. Sction pipe into the mud tank, in the case of no gas invasion, can be used as a large power mixer.

5. Through the window at the high speed rotor mud walls, mud bubbles broken completely, the degassing effect is relatively good.