DCZYQ Mud gas separator applied to drilling mud cleaning

Mud gas separator is an extemely reliable, vital piece of safety equipment for modern drilling operations.

To be as a leader of drilling solid control equipment. DC solid control has several single mud/gas separators of varying sizes which are capable of safely handling the high volumes of surface gas and liquid which today's under balanced and horizontal drilling projects are producing.

When the big bubbles's diameter is greater than φ3~φ25mm, which will make the drilling fluid's gravity and viscosity ratios deviated greatly, the mud will not meet the demand of drilling, even further more, a worse situation of gas in drilling fluid will cause well kick or blowout.

DCZYQ Mud gas separator applied to drilling mud cleaning

Features of DCZYQ Mud gas separator

1. Higly efficient baffling system maximizes mud gas separation while minimizing mist carryover and gas cut mud at the flow line.
2. Designed for constant underbalanced drilling.
3. Corrosion-resistant, expoxy coated to ensure long life.
4. Designed in accordance with international standard specification.
5. Versatile configuration.
6. Skid monted and trailer transportable.

All of DC Machinery's separators are skid mounted and designed for fast, easy installation. We also can provide the operator with up to 12' flareline, 6' or 8' flowline, kimray valves, back-pressure manifolds, flarestack and electric and solar flare igniters.