Debugging operation of the hydrocyclone

The standard and method of judging whether the working state of the cyclone is normal or not:

1. The concentration of the overflow is to meet the process conditions. This standard is the first standard, it is necessary to meet the conditions, the following is a brief description of how to adjust the state:

The overflow concentration is small, fineness. At this time need to reduce the pressure or adjust to the ore concentration, but also by the replacement of small sink sand to meet the requirements of the mouth.

The overflow concentration, fineness. This can increase the pressure and adjust the feed concentration, can also replace the large sink spit to meet the requirements. But the above regulation can not only rely on a way to adjust, because it may make the work of the cyclone is not normal and stable.

2 sand umbrella shaped discharge, a criterion for the sand angle between 10 DEG -20 DEG, and the concentration reached about 75% for the best working condition, if the sand spread angle is too large, there are three reasons:

The sand mouth is too big, and the sand concentration is too low. This time can be adjusted by changing the small sink spit.

The feeding pressure is too small, should adjust the pump to the mine pressure, to meet the conditions.

The amount of ore is too small, the feed concentration is too low. The number of this volume of ore can adjust the size and the cyclone opened. In short, the size of the sand concentration, directly affect the efficiency of the mill, the impact of the size of the grinding mill, the whole process will be affected.

3 to determine the pressure of the mine:

A section of cyclone on the theory of pressure regulation in the range of 0.06-0.10Mpa. If the pressure is too high, it will produce a relatively large wear.

The two section cyclone theory pressure adjustment in the range of 0.08-0.16Mpa. If the pressure is too low, will make the desander sand concentration decreased, the concentration of overflow diameter, will have an impact on the process.

In short, the pressure adjustment to ensure that a section of the cyclone pressure can not be high, the two section of the cyclone pressure can not be low.

Two. Judgment and adjustment of the working condition of the cyclone:

1 overflow has more coarse particles appear, and the sand column is discharged, it is proved that the cyclone has been blocked, it should be promptly ruled out, according to the above adjustment to adjust.

2 the discharge of the rope in the sand, which proves to be too high, should be adjusted in time.

The 3 cyclone appeared severe jitter long time, proof of cyclone blockage, need to reduce the pressure and open cyclone units for large or heavy spit out.

Three. Note in the adjustment of the cyclone:

1 any valve will not allow the semi open state, only allowed to fully open or fully closed in two states.

2 the above adjustment methods should be used, as far as possible the use of a single adjustment method.

3 open the cyclone as far as possible for the diagonal.

Four. The above operation should be adjusted according to the actual situation, only the guiding significance