Decanter Centrifuge

Drilling fluid centrifuge is used for recovering barites, removing small solid particles, reducing solids content in mud, thus ensure drilling fluid performance.

DCVFD drive decanter centrifuge with variable speed allows drilling contracor or mud service company to do the barite recovery, fine/ ultra fine solids separation,dewatering centrifuge. DC have the decanter centrifuge from 9 inch bowl to 22 inch bowl available for different applications DC decanter centrifuge bowl length and diameter ration is over 3, this gives the best result for the drilling fluids cleaning.

Decanter Centrifuge

DCLW Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge Features & Benefits

1Easily adjustable liquid discharge weir height for flexible application.

2 Bowl Cylindrical and Conical section made from Duplex Stainless Steel 2304 by centrifugal casting. Other Parts of the bowl assembly material: stainless steel SS304.

3 Impeller of screw propeller welding hard alloy.

4 Solids discharging port adopts replaceable hard alloy and inlay ceramic protecting materials.

5 Bearing all adopt imported Sweden SKF.

6 Electrical components select Siemens or Schneider brands.

7 Adopt planetary differential.

8 Feeding pumps adopt DC Screw pumps.

DC VFD Decanter Centrifuge Parameter

Max capacity45 m3/h60 m3/h60m3/h80m3/h
Main motor30kW37kW45kw55kW
Back motor11kW11kW11kW22kW
Feeding pump7.5kW7.5kW7.5kW11kW
Separation Point2~5μm
Electric Specs380V/50HZ or 460V/60 or customized
EX standardExdⅡBT4
Bowl diameter355450450mm600mm
Bowl length1250mm1258mm1350mm1500mm
Bowl speed0~3400rpm0~2950rpm0~3200rpm0~2600rpm
Max G-Force0~2298G0~2193G0~2580G0~2271G
 Weight2950kg3650kg3650 kg3550 kg

Decanter Centrifuge

DCLW Decanter Centrifuge Parameter

Max capacity10 m3/h30 m3/h50m3/h60m3/h90m3/h
Main motor7.5kW22kW37kW45kW55kW
Back motor4kW5.5kW7.5kW11kW22kW
Feeding pump3kW5.5kW5.5kW7.5kW11kW
Separation Point5~7μm
Electric Specs380V/50HZ or 460V/60HZ or customized
Bowl Dia250mm350mm450mm600mm700mm
Bowl length1100mm1000mm1000mm1019mm1200mm
Bowl speed4000rpm3200rpm2200rpm1800rpm1480rpm
Max G-Force2240G2007G1220G1088G859G
Weight1000kg3000 kg3000kg3800 kg4500 kg