Desander is widely used in many fields

desander technology is widely used in chemical, environmental protection,
medicine and food industries. Practice has proved that hydrocyclone desander is a kind equipment of economic and effective, operation is simple
needn’t maintain, it is the disposable investment, don’t have energy-intensive
and environment protecting physics water treatment equipment.


desnader according to ministry of construction atlas standard, it obtains more
innovation in the basic of many years, degassing effect is more ideal.
According to centrifugal sedimentation and density difference principle, when
water fluid enter into tangential solid control equipment in the function of certain pressure will produce strong rotational motion.
Because water and sand density is different, in the function of centrifugal
force, entad buoyancy and fluid drag force make the low density pure water
rising and discharged from overflow, the sand with big density will subside to
bottom and discharged from draining sand to reach the aim of degassing. In a
certain range and condition, the intake pressure of degasser is bigger, the
degassing efficiency will bigger and also can be used of many sets of parallel


Desander Characteristics


Structure is simple, cost is lower, easy to maintain and

Compared with expansion pipe and buffer tank, it has the
advantages of small volume, treating capacity is big and save field space.

Application range: river water, well water degassing, coal washing water, industry beneficiation,
solid liquid separation, liquid degassing and immiscible liquid.

Application fields: it can used in the industry of
air-condition water treatment, chemical, oil, mining industry, medicine and