Drilling Cutting Box

Drilling cutting box mainly used in offshore to transport abandon drilling fluid and cuttings to onshore. But cutting box have already generalized to onshore at present.

Drilling Cutting Box

Drilling cutting box has the following characteristics:

1.Structure of cutting box is indurative and with watertight seal.

2.The bottom of cutting box is planar and no bulge.

3.Weld surface molding is uniformity, densification, closely integrated with the steel plate, seamless, and no oversize surplus height of seam, weld beading, arc crater, undercut and other defects.

4. Antiseptic sand blasting of Q235A steel, twice of expoxy zinc rich primer, penguard midcoat MIO and chlorinated rubber top-coat. the thickness of dry editpaint film is larger than 100um

5. CCS Certificate of offshore drilling cutting box.

Drilling cutting box Parameters:

Dead load(t)0.75
Working load(t)Customized