Drilling fluid centrifuge types

Drilling fluid decanting centrifuge contraposes the characteristic of oil drilling fluid, utilize centrifugal separation principle to accomplish separation process. The separation factor determines the separation performance. The centrifuge with big separation factor can isolate thinner particles from drilling fluid. Therefore, on the basis of separation factor, centrifuge can be classified three types: low speed centrifuge, intermediate speed centrifuge and high-speed centrifuge.

Low speed centrifuge

Low speed centrifuge also can be called barite recycle centrifuge. The separation factor is 500~700, the range of speeds is general 1600~1800r/min. For the low density solid phase, separation point is 6~10um, for the high density solid phase, separation point is 4~7um. This kind of centrifuge mainly use for recycling barite.

Intermediate speed centrifuge

Separation factor of Intermediate speed centrifuge is 700~1200, range of speeds is general 1800~2200r/min, separation point is 5~7um. Mainly use for eliminating harmful solid phase from drilling fluid, control the density and viscosity of drilling fluid. This is the most widely used centrifuge in drilling crew. General separation factor is about 800.

High-speed centrifuge

Separation factor of High-speed centrifuge is 1200~2100, the range of speeds is 2200~3000r/min or higher, separation point is 2~5um. Generally use for eliminating harmful solid phase in low density drilling fluid, control the drilling fluid viscosity. It is used with low speed centrifuge in series and constitute the dual system.