Drilling fluid configuration process

Drilling fluid dosing process includes shear pump, dosing hopper, dispensing tank, dosing tank.

Firstly the dispensing tank is poured into drilling water, using shear pump provide pressure water for dosing hopper, from the up of dosing hopper add the pharmaceutical, in the action of water conservancy mixed enter into dosing tank, using the shear pump add pharmaceutical to the liquid pump with pharmaceutical, so after repeated, use the shear pump impellers crush the polymer pharmaceutical in the circulation process. Using the agitator which is on the dosing tank mix the medicine pulp uniformity.

Drilling fluid compound process

Drilling fluid dosing process includes two sets centrifugal pump, two sets hydrocyclone mixed funnels and relevant line pipes.

If it needs dosing drilling fluid on the platform, we can use two methods to process it. One is bulk material proportioning ways, using the shear pump and the open mixed funnel, the bentonite is added to the mixed hopper to proportioning. The other is using the platform seal transporting system, the bentonite in the tank is transported to the steady flow separator of the closed mix hopper by compressed air.

Drilling fluid aggravating process

It needs high density drilling fluid in the drilling process, we can use the platform to aggravate system configuration.

The platform sets two sets of aggravate system, is the bulk cargo aggravate system and the closed aggravate system. One is the bulk aggravate way, using the centrifugal pump and the open mixed hopper, the barites are added to the mixed hopper to drilling fluid aggravate by manual work. The other way is using the platform seal transporting system, the barites in the tank are installed in a closed mixed funnel top of the steady flow in the separator by the compressed air, in the separator, Barite powder after separation is added mixed hopper to start drilling fluid aggravate, the air is processed by the dust removal tank is discharged to the deck of the platform outside.