Drilling fluid desander and desilter function

Desander and desilter are made by a group of hydrocyclone and a processing cyclone has been flow and recovery drilling fluid of small ultra detail drilling fluid shale shaker composition.

Drilling fluid desander is used to remove 30-90 μ m of the solid particles; desilter is used to remove for 10 - 30μ m of the solid particles. Cyclone split size D50 not only related to cyclone structure and size, but also related to drilling fluid density, density and intake pressure on.

The commonly used hydrocyclone scope of work to carry on the analysis

Drilling fluid desander should be in drilling fluid shale shaker later as secondary solids control equipment, and desilter should be as a third level solids removal equipment.

In order to meet the requirements of the handle all drilling fluid, drilling fluid desander and desilter must composed by several cyclone cone .

In order to guarantee the normal work of the hydrocyclone. Intake pressure must be maintained in the 0.25-0.35 MPa this range.

Desilter for rotational flow cone tube, pipe length, intake pressure should take larger value; Drilling fluid desander for rotational flow cone less, pipeline section, intake pressure for take smaller value.

Intake pressure mainly depends on the size of drilling fluid sand pump matching whether reasonable, and drilling fluid sand pump selection is very important, the drilling fluid sand pump head is usually about 40 m H20, displacement of sand pump same with the desander and desilter of equal capacity, can satisfy the use requirement. At the same time, in the selection of drilling fluid desander and desilter must reference drilling pump the biggest displacement, with its achieve reasonable matching.

These two devices are in use on time, no strict restriction, general in drilling shallow formation and soft formation, large particle drilling cuttings content high, both must be used at the same time, The drill deep formation and hard formation, if you use the fine mesh shale shaker , can directly use desilter to deal with drilling fluid, the drilling fluid purification quality has little effect, and very economy.