Drilling Fluid Mud Cleaner

Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solid control equipment which are combined from desander , desilter and underflow screen to treat the drilling fluid .Our mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD Mud Recycling System.

DC Machinery used at home and abroad the most advanced mud cleaner production process, to ensure that the production of powerful, compact structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance of drilling fluid mud cleaner.


DCQJ Mud Cleaner Features & Benefits

1.The mud cleaner main body structure used on the two block layout , cyclone desander , desilter arrangement on the upper base is provided with a chute , chute arranged on shale shaker , which has the advantage of compact structure , occupies small space area .
2. The desander and desilter main inlet pipe and outlet pipe are arranged between the control valve, can adjust the desander and desilter work quantity, simple operation, easy maintenance .
3. The cyclone mixer is made of wear- resistant special polyurethane material , which has good performance in fluid erosion resistance .
4. The feeding port tangential feeding and smooth transition , beneficial for improved separation efficiency .Inside surface smooth and rational flow channel .
5. Cyclone desander , cyclone desilter are equipped with automatic sand plugging device and bottom outlet adjusting device .
6. According to user needs to configure different number of cyclone for desander and desilter .

DCQJ Linear Motion Mud Cleaner Technical Parameter

Treating Capacity90m3/h396GPM120m3/h528GPM240m3/h1056GPM300m3/h1320GPM
Separation Size15-75μm
Desander Cones10"(250)×110"(250)×110"(250)×212"(300)×2
Desilter Cones4"(100)×64"(100)×84"(100)×124"(100)×16
Inlet DiameterDN150
Outlet DiameterDN200
Matching PumpDCSB5×4-1222kWDCSB6×5-12-30kWDCSB8×6-13-55kWDCSB8×6-13-55kW
Matching ShakerModelDCZS850-2KDCZS700-3GDCZS630-3K
Vibrating ModelLinear Motion
Motor Power2×1.5kW2×1.5kW2×1.5kW
Screen Qty2 panel3 panel3 panel
Screen Specification850×1250mm×2




630×1250mm×3 ,120~300mesh
Screen Area2.12m22.2 m22.36 m2
Screen TypeSteel FrameHookstripSteel Frame
Electric Specs380V/50HZ or 460V/60HZ or Customized
EX StandardEx dⅡBT4
Dimension(mm)2530×1750×22102530×1750×22102530×1750×2210 2530×1750×2210
Remark1、4" Cones =10~20m3/h, 10" Cones =90~120m3/h ,12" Cones>120m3/h2、The motor power of centrifugal pump choosed is according to drilling mud specific gravity 1.2g/cm3