Drilling fluid shaker screen choice

In the drilling, the rig cutting, crushing, grinding formation, make the rock broken, to form the different size of the cuttings, its size in 2~ 2 x 10 ³ μ m between. Single solids removal equipment can remove solid particles range is small, so only on a certain equipment could not achieve maximum clear the purpose of the solid phase.

In order to guarantee the downhole cuttings carried to the ground, drilling fluid must have enough speed in return. Therefore, must according to the well diameter size and drilling rig ability to decide pump output volume. Choose solids control equipment must be from purification level (clear solid phase particle size range) and handling capacity two aspects to consider

Drilling fluid shale shaker choice.

Drilling fluid shale shaker is clear in the drilling fluid solid phase composition of the primary equipment, and in the whole drilling process must use. Drilling fluid shale shaker clear solid phase particle size range is by the use of mesh specifications decision, and its processing power related with screen specifications . screen mesh number is larger, the smaller the capacity to remove solid phase particle size is smaller, the greater the amount of clear solid phase.

From the aspect of production speaking, hope use detail number screen, and from the economic aspect speaking, fine mesh screen life is short, so to comprehensive consideration of the screen. Mechanical laminated screen and chemical bonding type laminated screen development promotion, effectively improve the detail number screen life and drilling fluid shale shaker purification level.

Early in the drilling, well diameter large , pump large output volume, mechanical drilling rate high, the large particles solid phase, cuttings quantity is big, should use mesh smaller screen to deal with drilling fluid. With the increase of the depth, well diameter narrowed, pump displacement smaller, mechanical drilling rate is low, produce the small particles of solid phase, cuttings volume small, appropriate use mesh larger screen processing drilling fluid.