Drilling fluid Shearing pump in oilfield

Drilling mud shearing pump is composed by impeller, volute, support, packing case, transmission shaft, pulley, combination belt and electrical machine. The impeller of the shear pump is different with the water pump, the structure is more complex. It is the core part of the shear pump, with high effciency. The impeller is made up by 5 parts: axial compressor turbine, stock solution tank, pump impeller, pressure cabin and shear plate. The axial compressor turbine, pump impeller and stock solution tank were casted critically as an ensemble by stainless steel, the structure is very compact.

Drilling mud Shearing pump is uniquely designed pump for shearing polymers and clays. To improve the drill fluid properties, the polymers or clays should be highly sheared before adding them to the drill fluid system. If not sheared, the polymers maybe jam the strainer and will result in losing amount of polymer and increasing drilling costs, and the large-size solids in the drill fluid will harden and difficult to clear.

Fluid undergoes shear when one area of fluid travels with a different velocity relative to an adjacent area. A drilling mud shearing pump uses a rotating impeller or high-speed rotor, or a series of such impellers or inline rotors, usually powered by an electric motor, to “work” the fluid, creating flow and shear.

The tip velocity, or speed of the fluid at the outside diameter of the rotor, will be higher than the velocity at the centre of the rotor, and it is this velocity difference that creates shear. A stationary component may be used in combination with the rotor, and is referred to as the stator. The stator creates a close-clearance gap between the rotor and itself and forms an extremely high-shear zone for the material as it exits the rotor. The rotor and stator combined together are often referred to as the mixing head, or generator.

Key design factors include the diameter of the rotor and its rotational speed, the distance between the rotor and the stator, the time in the mixer, and the number of generators in the series. Variables include the number of rows of teeth, their angle, and the width of the openings between teeth.

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