Drilling fluid solid phase control methods

In recent 30 years, along with the implementation of jet drilling, optimized drilling, high quality drilling, gas level protection technology, the technology of solid control have already improved rapidly, promotion and popularization. The tasks of solid phase are:

Eliminate harmful solid phase from drilling fluid, made the solid phase content is less than the requirements of drilling technology.

Decrease the rate of small particles in drilling fluids, keep the reasonable solid phase size and grading.

According drilling requirements and characteristics, there are four requirements to solid control methods

Implementation is simple

Effectively remove all kinds of harmful solid phase and keep the reasonable grading.

Steady and improve drilling fluid performance.

Recovery drilling fluid and not pollute the environment.

The stander of inspection is according the solid phase total, clay amount, drilling cuttings amount, high density solid phase and the grading of solid phase which is processed by solid control can reach the drilling technology design requirements. The main content of drilling fluid design is the volume of drilling cuttings and the maximum allowed to reserve solids in the circulating system. The design ultimate aim is base the concentration way to remove the most drilling cuttings and decrease the cost of drilling.