Drilling mud Decanter centrifuge for oilfield

Introduction of decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge also known as Horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge, is the special equipment of solid-liquid separation, designed by the characteristic of drilling fluid. It can accomplish each procedure of feed, centrifugal sedimentation, unloading, etc. it mainly uses for recycling barite, eliminating small solid, reducing the solid content of drilling fluid, controlling the density and viscosity of drilling fluid, ensuring the performance of drilling fluid, and play an important role in quick drilling.

Mechanical separation of solids from the mud system through the use of a centrifuge is a highly-effective means of maintaining proper mud weight and viscosity. When used in conjunction with other solids control equipment, centrifuges enable users to maintain the mud properties within the prescribed range as per the drilling program. Typically, centrifuges are the final processing units in the arrangement of solids control equipment. They are preceded by gas busters, gumbo removal equipment, shale shakers, mud conditioners, degassers and hydrocyclones.

The selection of decanter centrifuge

For petroleum drilling mud treatment we have both weighted and unweighted fluid. Then, centrifuge selection and configuration will be not same. The well drilling depth is relative with fluid treatment.

Petroleum mud centrifuge have 3 types in total. We can classify it as large capacity centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, and barite recirculation centrifuge. They have their own features and superiority. We can adopt them at certain occasion.

Since, different drilling condition and well depth sometimes we need configure or combine different types centrifuge together to get ideal performance and save petroleum drilling cost and get more benefit.
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