Drilling mud Hydrocyclone desander for mud system

Desander is called hydrocyclone desander strictly. It’s same working principle with desilter separator. In mud cleaning system, it is usually set behind shale shaker or vacuum degasser.

For drilling fluid cleaning or purification, the hydrocyclone desander and desilter must be configured with numbers of cones. And to make sure their effective performance, the working pressure must be 0.15~0.35MPa.

Desander in the solids control system is the second level and the third level equipment to treat the drilling mud. Usually the cone diameter is more than 6” is called desander. And used as the second control equipment in drilling operation. We commonly used 8”, 10” or 12’’ desander cones to separate solid-phase particle size 44-74μm in the drilling fluids.

Select proper hydrocyclone desander for whole mud cleaning system we must consider the mud pump maximum flow rate. Usually, we configure desander its capacity should be same as the mud pump max discharge rate or even 125% of mud pump maximum flow rate.

For example, at oilfield drilling site, the oil drilling mud pump discharge capacity is 528GPM, then our hydrocyclone desander should be selected as 528GPM~660GPM. Meanwhile, the desander feeding pump should be also 528GPM~660GPM. At this time, the desander separator is configured with three 8″ desander cones.

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