Drilling Mud Solids Control System

The drilling mud solids control system is an obligatory constituent part in the modern well drilling equipments, it can content the normal cycle and stable property of the mud in the drilling process, ensure the task of well drilling under the premise of safety, environmental protection and high efficiency.
Drilling Mud Solids Control System

On the basis of compositing the advantage of solids control system at home and abroad, the Drilling Mud Solids Control System produced by DC Machinery is a new type product which is designed by the practical demand of the well drilling craft. It constituted by five class solids control equipments: shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter and centrifuge. DC Drilling Mud Solids Control System can realize the storage and mixture of drilling fluid, remove the harmful solid phase, maintain the performance of drilling fluid, content the demand in the special situation of drilling fluid cycle, weight addition, shearing and trouble removal, and can increase the drilling operation efficiency and safety effectively. It is convenient to transport by highway and railway, and the system can be moved in the well site at a short distance.

Quality Control System:SY/T6276、ISO/CD14690< Oil and gas industry health safety environmental protection and environmental management system> process flow, the equipments conform to API13C and the related standard and norm.

Technology Characteristic of DC Drilling Mud Solids Control System:

1. DC Drilling Mud Solids Control System has humanized whole layout, beautiful appearance, strong adaptability, modern design, rational layout, perfect performance and the advanced process.

2. DC Drilling Mud Solids Control System has a good performance of cold-resistent, high temperature resistance, anti-explosion, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, raining proof, adapt to wicked condition of well drilling.

3. There are medium pressure mud pipelines and rinsing pipelines on the top of the tanks.

4. Behind the tank, there is a pressure bar type clear sand door, it is convenient and neat to open.

5. To use the hard links between the tanks, it is convenient to install and dismantle, has a good scalability.

6. Accurate positioning between tanks, and can connect rapidly.

7. The drilling mud solids control level is high, the effect is good, and the measurement of mud is accurate.

8. The tanks are made of the corrugated boards of V type, the holistic rigidity is good and the appearance is beautiful.

9. The surface is processed by sandblasting, the in-tank is painted with heavy anti-corrosion bituminous paint, and outside of the tank is painted by the oil-proof and acid and alkali corrosion resistant paint.

10. Meet the requirements of remove and installation of the drilling crew frequently.

11. DC Drilling Mud Solids Control System can be designed according to the customers’ requirements.