Functions of Mud Agitators in Oil Drilling

Functions of Mud Agitators in Oil DrillingFunctions of Mud Agitators in Oil Drilling

In well drilling, mud agitator is an essential machine, it is very important for drilling. Mud agitators play a key role in drilling operations. As an indispensable machine during drilling operations, mud agitators are used to keep the average adherence of drilling fluid and make the solid particles suspend.

Then, what’s the function of mud agitators in drilling?

Mud agitator is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, to prevent the accumulation of solid particles in the drilling fluid in the tank of circulation system, to make the drilling fluid with stable performance and equally mixing. Mud mixers below 5.5kW adopt cycloidal reducer, drilling fluid mud agitators apply to stir oil drilling fluid, with compact structure, small footprint; Drilling fluid mud agitators more than 7.5kW adopts worm reducer drive, with transfer large torque, smooth operation, reliable work, etc. Common mud agitator type JBQ5.5, JBQ7.5, JBQ11 and JBQ15.

Characteristics of mud agitators:

1. the circlar cylindrical worm reducer, worm shaft section is circular, worm gear shape as phase with worm choke. The convex concave mesh performance and reliable, high efficiency, compact structure.

2. easy to maintain with the speed reducer and the explosion-proof motor, combination, suitable for harsh field conditions using.

3. stirring intensity, relates to a wide range, and decrease the starting resistance torque.

4. The moor placed horizontally, convenient for installation, adjustment and replacement.