Geothermal hole mud recycling system

The mud recycling equipment produced by DC Machinery is widely used for oil &gas drilling, HDD & CBM drilling, Drilling waste management and Geothermal holes. Today I will introduce what is Geothermal well for you.

Geothermal well is referring the depth is above 3500m geothermal energy or water temperature is bigger than 30℃ thermal water to generate electricity.

Geothermal has a widely use. Such as spring bath center, generate electric, supply and heating. As the Geothermal drilling usually close or inside the downtown, this requires the mud system has no environment pollution and noise. So it needs the high efficiency and quality mud recycling system.

This is the photo of mud recycling system for geothermal drilling produced by DC Solid control.

Geothermal hole mud recycling system

DC is a professional manufacturer of mud recycling system. We are focuses on the production, sales and after-sales maintenance service of solid control equipment.  On geothermal projects site, maintenance is just as important as getting the loops to the bottom. The mud cleaning system (mud recycling system) produced by DC solids control will keep your jobsite clean by removing dry cuttings and leaving the fluid to be used for drilling.

If you need a ideal design for your geothermal drilling mud cleaning system pls contact DC solids control for support.