High quality of DC JQB Shear pump

DCJQB series Shear Pump is a special purpose equipment of solids control system which can meet all customers’ requirements of preparing drilling fluid for the well drilling. The drilling shear pump can effectively mix and fully hydrate the material added into the drilling fluid, which can save the added polymer and shorten mud configuration time.

High quality of DC JQB Shear pump

Structure of shear pump

Drilling fluid shear pump is made of impeller, volute, pedestal, stuffing box, drive shaft, belt wheel, combination wheel and motor.

Drilling fluid shear pump is different with the general water pump impeller, its structure is complex. it is the key part of shear pump, with the high shearing efficiency. The impellers mainly have five parts; Turbine axial flow, storage tank, pump wheel, pressure cabin and shearing plate. The material of turbine axial flow,  pump wheel, storage tank adopt the stainless precision casting which structure is very compact.

Features of DC Shear pump

1. Unique mechanical composite seal technology, ensuring no leakage.
2. High wear-resistant metallic material impellers and casing will prolong service life.
3. Impeller structure which accords with the principle of fluid mechanics will increase liquidity.
4. Efficient and low shear force will reduce costs.

Matters need attention

1. It can't be used in activity mud system, because the system has large amount sand and easly damage the shear pump.
2. It must be cleaned after used, otherwise will causing impeller passage and nozzle clogging.
3. Because of the high speed shearing is easily cause the fluid pneumatolysis when works. If found pressure gage no pressure or fluctuation is too big should stop the shear pump at once.
4. When works in the outdoor, we should put liquid in the pump in the winter to avoid pump body frost crack.