Horizontal and Vertical centrifugal pump

Horizontal centrifugal pump

Horizontal centrifugal pump uses the
axial inhalation structure, flow passage components are wear-resisting cast
iron, apply to transport the caustic drilling fluid. It is the best matched
pump for desander, desilter and mud mixer, and also is the perfect priming pump
for slurry pump.


The design of
parameters is considered the matched equipments can work at the optimum
condition. The main characteristics of horizontal centrifugal pump are the generality
and interchangeability of parts are high, less leakage of shaft seal, working
reliably, long service life, and convenient to maintain.


centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump also can be called Submersible slurry pump, it is
with structure of vertical single stage and single suction system overhung
centrifugal pump, it is made of abrasion-resistant alloy, it can convey medium
with high concentration particle. There is no bearing and gland seal between
impeller and pump body, so the slurry pump is maintenance-free and high
temperature resistance.

The power components of the pump will be
combined by the bearing base, supporting base and connection pipe. The liquid
will be discharged from the drainpipe. The impeller of the pump is half
unshrouded impeller, and, there is agitating vanes at the extended area of the
impeller. The main advantage is the pump spindle of the components under liquid
has high rigidity, and there is no bearing between impellers and pump case
which can deliver the medium with high density particles.