Horizontal Directional Drilling for drilling

The technology of HDD,horizontal directional drilling,has obvious superiority in oil and gas pipelines cross reivers and lakes,highway,railway and other obstacles and important area .The final diameter of the hole horizontal is generally 1.3 to 1.5 times.

The theory and common method of HDD

HDD is usually referred to as solid control,and it is a solid particles in the mud of control principle and technical method of horizontal directional. To remove harmful solids in the mud through solid control technology,and meet the requirements of mud performance. The harmful solids control particles in the HDD are mainly refers to the equipment abrasion and the mud rheological property of the mud.

Horizontal Directional Drilling for drilling

The use of solid phase control system in horizontal directional drilling

At present the domestic use of HDD mud solid control recovery system consists of domestic and imported the accounted for half of the country,the import is mainly small,with imported drilling machine matching;domestic is mainly large,according to the user need to prepare.

Whether domestic or imported,the choose of system should according to the following principles:

1. Remove or control thetype or size of the particle;

2. Maintain the quality of the mud;

3. The size of the drilling rig,the solid phase removal rate and the cycling rate.