How to choose Mud agitator parameter

Drilling fluid agitator is a kind of profession agitator. Field experience indicate that we should take care the followings when choose and install mud agitator. 

1. Agitator rotary speed 

Because we don't expect the drilling cuttings are further smashed in the process of agitating, so the used agitator rotary speed can't too big, we should choose 50-60r/min. The operator should be very cautious to the agitator which extend 60r/min.   

2. Agitator power: 

viewing according to drilling fluid agitator operatation power, agitator actual output power extend 2kw. At present there are 7.5kw and 5kw the two models motor. The basic of design parameter is according to the impeller can start even buried by sand setting. but in practice if it appears will burn down the motors or break off impellers. usually after the impeller stop will lift a certain height. 

3. The sealing of agitator shaft. 
Field experience indicate: Because operating condition is very bad, drilling fluid agitator shaft inaptitude use end face seal, the common packing seal is difficult adapt it. Now the Multiple sets of v-shaped packing is successfully used, it has the Self-styled performance and ability to compensate, long times no maintenance and 

adjustment will not produce the problems of lubrication oil leakage.