How to choose suitable shale shaker

Drilling fluid shale shaker is the first level equipment for eliminating solid phase, and must be used in the whole well drilling process. The particle size range is determined by screen standard. The sieve mesh number is larger, the thruput is less, the particle size of eliminated solid phase is smaller, the quantity of eliminated solid phase is larger.

From the angle of production, hope to use detail screen, from the angle of economy, the life of detail screen is low, therefore using shaker screen should be considered synthetically. With the development of mechanical laminated screen and the chemical bonding type laminated screen, the life of fine-mesh screen and purification level of drilling fluid shale shaker are improved effectively.

Laminated screen combined in many ways, generally the under layer is 12 mesh, the upper layer is 30, 40, or 60 mesh. If used in shale shaker, don’t choose 80 mesh and more than 80 mesh screen, because if the sieve mesh number is too large, through sieve rate will lower, and leading to shortened life of screen.

In order to make drilling fluid shale shaker match with drilling rig, the maximum displacement of pump and drilling cuttings quantity must be considered. The thruput of shale shaker should greater than the sum of maximum displacement of pump and drilling cuttings quantity.

To sum up, we can obtain the economic use of shale shaker. In prime of drilling, hole diameter is large, pump displacement is large, drilling rate is high, drilling cuttings quantity is large, we should use lesser mesh screen to dispose drilling fluid. With the increase of well depth, hole diameter narrows, pump displacement decreases, drilling rate reduces, drilling cuttings quantity reduces, should use larger mesh number screen to dispose drilling fluid.