How to dismantle solid control system- mud gas separator

Mud gas separator is mainly eliminate the big bubbles in drilling fluid, the big bubbles are referring the swell gas which is full of well mouth of drilling fluid, the diameter is about 3-25mm. Mud gas separator can feed liquid from spiral blowout preventer directly, it also can feed liquid from throttle manifold to separate out the big bubbles. There are small bubbles in disposed drilling fluid, after through shale shaker enter into vacuum degasser to dispose.

Dismantle Process of mud gas separator

Dismantling import, export mouth and exhaust pipeline of mud gas separator. Forced tighten rope and dismantle four angles guy rope of mud gas separator, it is hanged to the safe place; the strength of wire is enough to hang the equipment and all auxiliary equipment, all ropes should average each other decorate and vertical with the top of equipment. The accessory equipment is set in mud gas separator maybe change its center of gravity, we should special notice when crane.

Dismantling mud recovery pipeline, press well, relief line, press well line and throttle pipe.

Clear away all remove things, tools and utensil; after person evacuate from deathtrap use 19mm wire through the mention hanging hole of small mousehole, use runner wagon extract the small mousehole; the small mousehole is fixed to the slide with guy rope and runner wagon.

Dismantle blowout preventer umbrella, positive and negative button bolt of fixed blowout preventer and steel wire rope.

Dismantle the prevent overflow pipe. Using less force hang the overflow pipe, dismantle the connecting bolt between overflow line and blowout preventer, throwing out the overflow line. We must cover well the well mouth and prevent the wellhead fall.

The erection sequence of dismantle the self-sealing preventor. According the basic of well mouth, from the top to down, we should notice to cover the well mouth and prevent wellhead fall.