How to grasp the use of mud solid control equipment

The use of shale

Shale shaker is the first level of solid
control equipment, the mud don’t through the screen can’t be
injected to the tank. The drilling speed is rapidly, drilling cuttings is more,
displacement is big and the capacity pressure is big of upper layer, the screen
cloth is easy to be damaged, so we should check it regular. Especially in
night, dimly-lit and the operating personnel is less, how to ensure the screen
cloth is intact when drilling, we can find and replace it after the screen
cloth is damaged at times. Upper layer is sand layer, screen hole is easy to be
blocked by particles, impacting mud through screen, so we should often clean

A part drilling team drill the upper well the mud can’t
completely screen, it needs recover from mud pit, so we should advance the
recycling preparation.

The use of mud cleaner


The mud is filtered by shale shaker and advance processed
by mud cleaner. Mud cleaner not only can eliminate more fine particles but also
sis the last barrier which before mud enter into the well. After shale shaker
screen cloth is damaged, the big sand is eliminated by mud cleaner is increase, it can
be reflected out on the mud cleaner screen surface.

The factors of influence the mud cleaner hydrocyclone
effect are mainly have the viscosity shearing of mud and providing mud
pressure, the wearing of hydrocyclone hopper inner wall and bottom hole, the
sundries enter into hydrocyclone hopper, and bottom flow is blocked. Usually the
working pressure of mud cleaner is 0.2-0.35MPa, the bottom flow is

The use of drilling
fluid centrifuge

Drilling fluids centrifuge eliminate the more fine particles which is
processed by mud cleaner. Centrifuge should operate before the mud is aggravated;
after aggravate, we mainly consider the cost of aggravate agent and mud
density, we should proper control the capacity and processed times of
centrifuge, so the impurity in mud should be cleaned before not be aggravated.