How to imptove the effect of sewage and sludge treatment?

It is difficult to deal with the sewage and sludge that they are often used in horizontal decanter centrifuge compression dehydration and require adding flocculant to improve the effect of sewage and sludge treatment, in particular the with the kind and amount of some principles must be followed in order to achieve better results, generally can be analyzed from the two aspects of properties and pH of sludge.

How to imptove the effect of sewage and sludge treatment?

First,sewage, sludge characteristics.

The traits of different directly affect the sludge dehydration effect: generally speaking, more difficult to sludge dewatering flocculant dosage bigger, fine granular sludge, flocculant dosage will increase, in the sludge organic matter content and high alkalinity, will lead to the amount of increase. The higher organic content of organic substance, the higher the organic content of organic substance, and the higher the higher organic content of cationic organic polymer. The anionic organic polymer flocculant can be considered in the sludge with inorganic substances.. In addition, the solid rate of the sludge also affect the amount of the amount of investment, the higher the average sludge solid rate, the amount is more bigger.

Second,sewage, sludge pH value.

The pH value of the sludge determines the morphology of the inorganic salts,and the conditioning effect of the same kind of flocculant on different pH values is also different. The hydrolysis reaction of Al salt was greatly influenced by pH, and the optimal pH range of its coagulation reaction was from 5 to 7. The optimal pH range of Gao Tieyan was ~ 11, and the best pH value was 6.. The solubility of ferrous salt in the sludge of ~ 8 pH was ~ 10, and the solubility of ferrous salt was oxidized to lower solubility of Fe (0H).. Therefore, when inorganic salt is used, the specific pH of the sludge should be considered, and if the pH value deviates from the best range of the agglomeration reaction,it is best to change the other.Otherwise, the pH value of the sludge before dosing,acid or alkali before treatment is considered when the sludge is treated.