How to install of drilling pump

The pump should be located near the liquid source so that the suction line can be short and reduce losses. The foundation should be sufficiently rigid and substantial to absorb any vibration and support the base plate at all points. The base plate should be installed in a level position.

Pulley installation

A. The axes of two pulleys must be parallel to each other and the end surface error can’t exceed 2mm.

B. The belts should be aligned and tightened.

C. The electric motor must be mounted stably.

Connection of suction pipes

A. The suction line should be equal to or larger than the pump suction.

B. The capacity of a centrifugal pump should never be adjusted by throttling the suction line, but a positive shut-off valve of a type to cause minimal turbulence should be installed in the suction line to permit the closing of the line for removal of the pump for inspection and maintenance.

C. The suction line should be designed to eliminate any air pockets. The pipes should gradually slope downwards to the supply source to eliminate air pockets. Please use a vacuum pump or foot valve for priming if you operate the pump the pump under the condition of suction lift.

D.The suction line should have a straight section into the pump of a length equivalent to at least two times its diameter.

E.For temporary hook-up when flexible hose is used, a non-collapsing hose is essential since the suction line pressure is often below atmospheric pressure. A collapsed suction line will result in below average or complete loss of flow.

Discharge pipes

A.A positive shut-off valve should be located in the discharge pipe to permit the closing the line for removal of the pump for inspection and maintenance.

B.All pipes (including suction pipes) should be independently supported and accurately aligned. The pump must not support the weight of pipe or compensate for misalignment.

C.If operating conditions are not known with sufficient accuracy, it will be necessary to provide a throttle valve in the discharge line to ensure that the pump operates at the design point.

D.If the pump is connected to a pressurized system, it is important to install a check valve between the discharge and the throttling valve. The check valve will prevent back flow through the pump. Back flow may cause the impeller to become loose on the shaft. A loose impeller will likely lead to mechanic damaged and fluid leakage beneath the shaft sleeve.