How to judge the rationality of drilling fluid centrifuge

The rationality of drilling fluid centrifuge separate not aggravate drilling

In order provide
stabilize well hole and the maximal mechanical drilling speed, many workers are
confined to 5% of the drilling cutting’s volume, so the solid particles in
every barrel will be prepared 19 barrel drilling fluid, under 7% drilling
cuttings concentration, every barrels solid phase should be added 13.3 barrel

Know the component and
cost of every barrel and capacity drilling fluid, we can easy to calculate the
cost benefit of eliminate drilling cuttings. If the cost of compound drilling
fluid is 10 dollars and 5 dollars every barrel, accordingly, the total cost of
every barrel is 15 dollars. If the drilling cuttings’ volume is controlled in
5% by us, eliminate every solid particles will be decrease 285 dollars. Using
the numerical value, it is easy to confirm use centrifuge whether has
effective. So to not aggravate drilling fluid, the use of many centrifuges is


The rationality of drilling fluid centrifuge separate the aggravate drilling fluid

suppose is relate with the maximum acceptable concentration, the same method
can calculate the economic benefit which eliminate the solid particles in
aggravate drilling fluid. If we suppose that the maximum concentration is 5% in
oil base drilling fluid, we can permissible 8% in oil base drilling fluid or
combining base drilling fluid, like that, we cancel 19 water base drilling
fluid of barrels diluents and 11.5 barrels oil base and combining bas drilling
fluid. Know the cost of every barrel new drilling fluid, we can calculate the
economic benefit of eliminating the solid particles, it is easy to confirm
using centrifuge
is whether economy.