How to Select Suitable Centrifuges and Vacuum Degassers

Selection of Centrifuges

Centrifuge is the last equipment in solids control system,mainly used for separating solid phase particles whose diameter is between 2-10μm.

How to Select Suitable Centrifuges and Vacuum Degassers

There are two kinds of centrifuge,one is partial discharge centrifuge,which is used for recycling weighted drilling fluid barites whose drilling fluid is the underflow of desilters;another is full discharge centrifuge,used for separating solids phase particles in non weighted drilling fluid which is the overflow of desilters.
Centrifuges are mainly used in drilling deep and ultra-deep well operation and have little practical significance when drilling in mid-deep and shallow well.During actual operations, it's of vital importance to match suitable centrifugal pumps with centrifuges.

Selection of Vacuum Degassers

Vacuum Degassers can wipe off the invaded gas from drilling mud quickly,restore drilling mud proportion,keep mud viscosity performance and improve the quality of drilling mud.A vacuum degasser must be used after shale shaker and before centrifugal pump.As when drilling fluid contains gas, centrifugal pump cavitation will occur.Cavitation will not only influence the performance of centrifugal pump,bring noises and vibration, shorten its life but also lead to damage when serious.

There are two functions of vacuum degasser, the first is to ensure the stable performance of drilling fluid, avoid blowout and kick accidents, guarantee the safety of drilling; Second is to ensure the normal working of hydrocyclones. When drilling in deep well, gas and oil gas, vacuum degassers are must-have equipments.