Hydrocyclone two operation fault analysis example

Hydrocyclone may be appeared various field condition in operation process, there are many reasons, only a small part is because of the hydrocyclone type design problem, more are rooted in the hydrocyclone process design and operation problems. Below, I will analyze several fault problems which due to the process design and field operation.

Hydrocyclone process design is lack of buffer

Another common problem of Hydrocyclone device is working pressure anomaly. The working pressure is bigger, matched drilling fluid sand pump power is high, if the pump is lack of buffer in running, might be suction air, change the hydrocyclone inner working pressure.

Hydrocyclone in actual operation has appeared such condition. When the hydrocyclone used for drilling mud purification system, connected with desilter, hydrocyclone overflow slurry from the overflow port through three links pipelines, portion flow back to shale shaker, another through sand pump enter into hydrocyclone, intermediate is lack of drilling fluid buffer tank, then will appear sand pump suction air, hydrocyclone working pressure anomaly.

Hydrocyclone filter is removed

Hydrocyclone device is easy to be blocked. In the actual operation, there have been responsible for equipment operation staff, who remove cyclone feed line filter, which led to the cyclone son damage situation.