Installation and operation of mechanical mud agitator

Installation notes of mud mixer:

1. The mud agitator should be hoisted horizontally and smoothly placed in the position to be installed, tighten the mounting bolts after alignment.

2. Rigid coupling bolts must be equipped with spring and fastened and reliable.

The use of mud mixer:

1. The lubrication of bearing of the reducer output shaft is to observe whether the rotation direction of the blade is consistent with the direction of the agitator.

2. The abnormal sound, clamping stagnation and too high temperature should not occur during the operation of mud agitator. Otherwise, we should stop and check it, get rid of troubleshooting.

3. Should regularly check the tightness of the narrow V belt, belt is too loose or too tight is not suitable.

Installation and operation of mechanical mud agitator

Lubrication of mud agitator:

1. The output shaft of the reducer is grease lubricated, the bearing and the gear of output shaft is oil lubrication.

2. Pay attention to the height of reducer oil surface should be maintained at the middle position of the oil window, should always make up for lubricating oil base grease during work.

3. Reducer is recommended for use of industrial gear oil. When the scene can not meet it, also can use other appropriate viscosity of lubricating oil.

4. The bearing on the output shaft should be filled with 100g oil after every continuous operation for half a month, the lubricating oil should be replaced every continuous operation for a month.