Installation of centrifugal pump inlet pipeline and outlet pipeline

Installation of the centrifugal pumpinlet pipeline:

A. The sectional area of suction pipeline must be no less than of flowing channel of pump.

B. Not to be allowed to install throttle valve in the sucking pipe system, but can use an opening vale in order to reduce the chaos of flowing liquids and it is closed only when taking apart pump for servicing.

C. To avoid producing bubbles in the suction pipe system. It should be transitional gradually from high to low between the drawing resource and pump. Please use a vacuum pump or foot valve for priming if pumps working under the condition of suction head.

D. The pipeline at the entrance of pump must be level and straight. Its length is two times at least as the diameter of suction pipe.

E. When temporarily taking flexible as suction pipeline, sure to guarantee it against compression. Because the pressure in suction is lower than atmospheric pressure and the flexible pipe is compressed by atmospheric pressure, and this will result in reducing capacity even cutting off flow.

Installation of the centrifugal pump outlet pipeline:

A. For conveniently servicing pump, a relief valve, should be used in the delivery pipe system.

B. All the pipe systems, including suction pipe, must have their struts and not allow their weight to load on pump.

C. When the working condition is not clear or stable. A throttle valve must be used in the delivery pipe system in order to guarantee the pump to work at the design point.

D. Sure to use of a back valve between the throttle valve and outlet of pump when the outlet of pump is connected with pressuring equipment and this can avoid liquids to backflow. Otherwise, the back flowing liquids will result in water knocking phenomena and damage.