Installation procedure of drilling vacuum degasser

The order of the installation procedure for the vacuum degassing device is varied for different user's resources, experience, and optional equipment.

Installation procedure of drilling vacuum degasser

1. Vacuum degasser is arranged in the downstream of mud shale shaker, or upstream of any secondary solids control equipment, such as desander, desilter, mud cleaner and centrifuge.

2. To ensure that the device is installed fully horizontal.

3. Put the suction pipe on the first compartment downstream of the sand separator. A 8 inch is installed in the place at least 3 feet below a routine operation slurry scale of a mud tank, preferably above the bottom of the mud tank for 6 inches. The end of suction pipe is the shorter the better when operating.

4. Install the injector in the another next to compartment downstream the desander, the distance between outlet of vacuum degaser and inlet of injector is not more than 25 feet. To install a 8 inch discharge tube horizontal or slightly inclined.

5. The installation of ejector outlet pipe is below the level line of mud tank at least 1 feet in the conventional operation.

6.Use a centrifugal pump as the injector inlet to provide a 75 foot pressure head to the injector inlet. Install the centrifugal pump suction pipe recommended by centrifugal pump manufacturer. A 6 - Inch feed tube with a length of not more than 20 feet is connected to the injector nozzle and the bending of the tube is kept at a minimum.

7. A 1.5 inch discharge line is to be connected from the vacuum pump outlet manifold to to the safe area.

8. Connect the power supply to the equipment.