Introduce some popular type shaker screens

Shale shaker screen is widely used in oilfield, the specifications comply with the American standard. Shale shaker screens used in solid control equipments are generally made of woven wire cloth, in many different sizes and shapes, with a perforated plate as frame. Following I will introduce some popular type screens.

Steel frame screen is in common used presently, it is constructed mostly with two or three stainless steel layers bonded tightly to the steel frame. The frame is made up of the high-strength square steel tube or flat steel welded to multi- ribbed construction. These layers are coupled with the frame through metal backing plate or bonded straightly as well.

Pyramid screen has typical mesh cloth that appears regular waves, and it can be mounted on suitable shaker by hookstrip, or wedge-shaped fastening device. As compared to flat screens, pyramid screen have higher handling capacity by reason of more useful area.

The designation of flat soft screen is similar to flat plate screen. The primary structure is usually one block which is composed of 2 to 4 layers bonded together. Flat soft screen is mounted on suitable shaker by hookstripe. Because it has no metal backing plate, it has more effective surface. The wire of the bottom layer is much more coarse. So the bottom layer can supply siveing action and at the same time, it can act like the support plate to ensure useful life.

Shaker screen is the most valuable spare parts for shale shaker, even for general solids control equipments,shaker screen is rather consumable. Choose suitable shaker screen can improve work efficiency effectively.