Jet mud mixer for drilling fluid

Jet mud mixer is used to make up drilling fluid or increase total amount of the drilling fluid, change the fluid density, viscosity, and dehydration. When making up again, put the materials of drilling fluid (such as betonies and barite powder) and corresponding chemical additives (such as polymer) into the recycle tank through the jet unit. If put them directly, the materials of drilling fluid and chemical additives will be deposited largely or dump together and we can’t obtain diffused and well-proportioned drilling fluid.

Jet mud mixer for drilling fluid

Especially when happen to blowout, you need to confect and make up weighting material evenly at short notice, so the equipment must be used.

Mud mixer is a kind of equipment which matching with petroleum drilling solids control system, using it to satisfy drilling fluid of weighting and preparation.

As with all equipments, jet mud mixer and associated equipment must be correctly chosen, calibrated and installed, to obtain the ideal working performance.

General requirements mixing hopper capacity shall not be less than 150m3/h. For the larger tank and great pump motor power, we can also use the mixing hopper with 300m3/h capacity.

Try to reduce pipeline on-way resistance, thus the pipeline required short and thick, smooth bend. Jet hopper equipped with matching venture tube can improve treating capacity, speed up solid diffusion and avoid caking.