Know something about drilling mud cleaner

Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solid control equipment which are combined from desander , desilter and underflow screen to treat the drilling fluid. Mud cleaner main body structure used on the two block layout , cyclone desander , desilter arrangement on the upper base is provided with a chute , chute arranged on shale shaker , which has the advantage of compact structure , occupies small space area.

Know something about drilling mud cleaner

Debugging working of mud cleaner

Drilling fluid mud cleaner is a kind of cleaning equipment of solid control purification system. Mud cleaner is composed by inlet, outlet pipe and hydrocyclones. Hydrocyclone is made of loam cake, upper cone, and under cone. The overflow line, inlet line and outlet line is fixed by the clamp. The bottom flow mouth can be adjusted and changed it according to sand content in drilling fluid. When adjust the bottom flow mouth, only need screw out the adjusting taqiyah. Screw on the adjusting taqiyah after changed the bottom flow sand removel mouth. The both side of desander are equipped the inlet mouth, when choose the one, the other one must be blocked off by blanking cover.

How to works of drilling fluid mud cleaner

Drilling mud enter into the hydrocyclone inner wall from the hyrocyclone mouth, then tangential enter into hydrocyclone cyliner with high spiral speed will produce the enormous centrifugal force field, the light drilling mud spiral upper from the central low pressure ares, and discharged to drilling fluid circulating tank from the overflow mouth. The heavy solid phase particles are throw to the cylinder wall by the centrifugal force, which is spiral sinking under the action of the thrust drilling fluid downward spiral and discharged from the bottom flow mouth, the flow to the screen surface.