Layout of solid control equipment in mud cleaning system

How to reasonably layout solid control equipment in mud cleaning system is very important. If the performance solid control equipment is good but layout is not very good, the function is only a half even have not functions. If the layout or performance is unreasonable, the content of solid phase in drilling fluid will increase. So we must dilute and use large chemical agent to process it and increase the cost of drilling fluid maybe led to well mouth appears complex accidents.

Know the use of drilling field and the performance theory, structure and using requirement of all kinds of solid control equipment. The reasonable layout scheme of solid control system in different conditions is very important. Aiming at some unreasonable scheme of solid control equipment users must special notice.

The intact define of solid control system should be a system which is solid control equipment and circulating tank combined according the requirements of solid control technology.  So circulating tank is a important component part of solid control system.

Drilling fluid circulating tank is used to store, allocate, circulate and dispose drilling fluid. The content should be the maximum volume in drilling fluid process and it has enough storing capacity. Usually we should manufacture several single tanks. The foreign tank has many lobes, but domestic circulating tank have no lobes. Among the tank have balance tube to link up each tank’s fluid make the liquid in one horizontal level in rest condition. Most of the binds between balance tube use hose soft connection but also have hard connection with ball joints.