Leading Technical Parameter of liquid gas separator

Liquid gas separator is designed for processing contains large amounts of dissolved gas or free drilling fluid equipment, these gases will swell under atmospheric conditions. Liquid gas separator in the traditional throttle pipe and between the vibrating screen, he has a direct discharge of gas pipeline. The liquid gas separator is usually only used in the throttle manifold.

Liquid gas separator shall meet the following requirements:

(1) according to the practical experience, the amount of the liquid gas separator is to be 5 times the amount of the design cycle.

(2) the inner diameter of the inlet line of the liquid gas separator shall be equal to or greater than the diameter of the throttle pipe.

(3) the diameter of the drilling fluid of the liquid gas separator shall be no less than the diameter of the inlet pipe, and the drilling fluid is directly discharged to the inlet pipe of the vibrating screen or the drilling fluid reserve tank.

(4) the diameter of the exhaust pipe shall be 200mm (8in) or greater.

(5) the gas discharge pipe shall not be fitted with a valve.

All the homework toolpusher guidance liquid gas separator, and decide what time by drilling liquid gas separator directly back to the vibrating screen.