Lower price vacuum degasser for sale

ZCQ vacuum degasser is a special-purpose device for the treatment of gas-cut drilling fluids. This device is the latest degasser developed by our company, suitable for all kinds of mud cleaning system. It can be applied to various mud purification systems to recover mud gravity, stabilize mud viscosity and reduce drilling cost. At the same time it can be used as a heavy-power agitator in gas free mud.

Lower price vacuum degasser for sale

Working principle of vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser utilizes vacuum pump suction action, causes negative pressure zone in vacuum tank, under the action of atmospheric pressure, drilling mud through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft of rotor, and then through the window around hollow shaft jilt to the tank wall by spurting. Due to the effect of collision and separation wheel, separating drilling mud into thin layer, the invaded bubble broken and gas escape.

Features and benefits of drilling Fluids Vacuum Degasser:

1. Self-priming device enables it to pump drilling fluids without centrifugal pump.

2. Use negative pressure degasser, scientific and reasonable design, can realize the effective gas liquid separation, filter out the impurity and ensure exhaust pipe always unobstructed.

3. The design is compact and the footprint is small.

4. Water ring vacuum pump on-stream always in isothermal condition, suitable for pumping flammable and explosive gas, safety performance is reliable.

5. It can also work as powerful drilling fluids agitator.

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