Marine explosion-proof certified motors

Explosion-proof motors are widelt used in the drilling fluid systems,the shaker motor with high efficiency,can also solve the machinery operation problems. The explosion motor is core of shale shaker,so it is necessary to select a good explosion-proof motor.

Marine explosion-proof certified motors

Explosion-proof motor is made up of explosion type motor and eccentric block,when the motor is energized through the raotation,the eccentric block to produce the exciting force,which transferred to the machine by a foot.

Next,explosion-proof motor should install on the shale shaker,which is not loose.after the first used,we should reinforce the anchor bolt.explosion-proof motor used the rubber sheath soft cable connection with power supply wiring,the steps are as follows:

1. Clean the external connection box, peel off part of the insulated cabel.

2. Remove the wire cable gland,a guid sleeve ,a sealing ring,junction box.

3. The wire cable gland,guide sleeve,sealing ring on the cable ,and then the electric cable core wire and the grounding wire are respectibely connected to the terminal and grounding screw,and note the exposef wire part not exposed on the outer arch type washer.

4. Install the sealing ring,the cable guid sleeve outlet pressure plate and the junction box.

5. Pay attention to protect the explosion-proof surface not to damage the disassembly,the assembly should be coated 204-1 antirust oil,flameproof surface shall be tightly packed defence.