Meticulous drilling fluid

The harsh environment of underground drilling has promoted the research and development of drilling fluid, and required to complete the following key tasks in the drilling process: suspension, pressure control, rock stability, buoyancy, lubrication and cooling.

Along the drill pipe down or from the hole in the upward flow of drilling fluid can stop motion. There are only two reasons for this kind of situation: one is the failure, two is to change the drill bit when drilling. When drilling stops, the drilling fluid be suspended in the bottom of the hole, and the hole will be blocked. The drilling fluid is designed to have a very interesting feature, which can solve the problem. The viscosity of the drilling fluid increases the drilling fluid flow rate. Drilling fluid to stop the flow, it will form a thick gel. This gel can be the rock cuttings suspension in which, thus preventing them from sinking to the bottom of the borehole. And when the drilling fluid begins to flow again, it will become thinner and thinner, and recover to its former thin liquid form.

Meticulous  drilling fluid

Pressure control

Many people have seen oil drilling from Taichung sprayed into the air, oil workers to the scene and as cheerful as a lark. In fact, this kind of blowout rare, it is not worth celebrating, because the goal is to control the flow of oil to control the flow of oil. The mud is designed to counteract the natural pressure of fluid in the rock, thus preventing the occurrence of such accidents. Appropriate balance must be reached between the pressure and the pressure of the drilling fluid to the drilling hole wall should be sufficient to offset the rock and oil or gas pressure, but this pressure can not be too large, otherwise it will cause damage to the oil well. If the weight of the drilling fluid is too large, it may cause the rock to break down, and the drilling fluid will be lost to the ground.

The pressure change with the concentration of liquid and the change of the. In the drilling fluid, the concentration of the additive can be increased, and the pressure of the drilling hole wall is increased. Can adjust the concentration of liquid to meet the requirements of the oil well in the environment.